International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum, Newport, R.I. – Oct 2-5

By: Daniel Satinsky, Business Development, Foresight Science & Technology, Inc.

The overflow attendance at the Forum was testament to the fact that offshore wind is becoming a reality, with the first demo project off Block Island, Rhode Island set to begin delivering electricity within weeks. The NASA Langley exhibit stand was well received, with many new possibilities for possible technology licensing and research collaboration. Offshore wind is poised to play an increasingly significant part in the U.S.’s clean energy future and Foresight is assisting NASA Langley to contribute to that future. The key to clean energy from wind will be continuing to drive down the cost of electricity while ramping up to utility scale delivery from the large projects in the planning stages off the coast of Massachusetts and Maryland, soon to be followed by New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Virginia. This process will require innovative new technologies and construction of an entire new industry of suppliers, construction, maintenance and service. NASA Langley has been introduced to this new industry by Foresight and is now making its technologies and capabilities known through participation in the Business Network for Offshore Wind events and through information outreach to companies, organizations and agencies up and down the East Coast

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