About Us

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Technology transfer and commercialization are sales activities. When they work, there is a transaction and technology is exchanged for money or in-kind goods and services you would spend money to buy otherwise. When they work, there is a measurable bottom line benefit to the income statement and the balance sheet of a company, non-profit institution, or government agency. Foresight is here to make the process easier for you with various levels of support.

Our competitive advantages have been built over our 35 years of business. They include our proprietary databases on markets and funding sources, our knowledge sharing system with tips and tricks of the trade, our staff's talent and skills, a global network of government agencies, companies, and NGOs looking for technology, long-standing trust relationships with stakeholders around the world who are important for technology acquisition and adoption, and the goodwill that comes from hard work, honesty, and a constant striving to be provide even better service to customers.

Utilizing this long developed knowledge we have created an information hub containing critical data to understand the position of your innovation. T2+2 has a searchable database with market overviews, royalty rates, technology assessments, regulations, competitors, potential investors and more. Empowering our subscribers with competitive knowledge while cutting through the large amount research hours required is our goal.

In addition to helping our subscribers we also want to create a community for people in to exchange ideas about technology transfer and innovation nurturing. We will update our site regularly with blog posts, videos, and other content to help share our knowledge with you. We encourage you to comment and ask questions and we will do our best to try and help everyone.

To request a demonstation of T2+2 or inquire about Foresight services please email: sales@foresightst.com